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International Dance Teachers Association

Private Tuition

You'll make faster progress with private lessons....



Private lessons can be an enjoyable and convenient option for many different reasons and may be taken instead of or in addition to regular classes.  

You may have difficulty getting to group lessons because of a busy lifestyle or work commitments or simply wish to build up your confidence before joining everyone else on the dance floor. 

Private lessons allow you to choose where to concentrate your efforts so if there is a particular dance or set of steps that you find difficult we can spend some time resolving this. 

Sometimes people need to learn to dance in a hurry.  There may be an upcoming social event such as a wedding or anniversary/birthday celebration where there will be dancing and you will not want to be left out. 

Because you will be learning on a one-to-one basis progress will be much quicker and you will get ahead at a much faster rate to enable you to take your dancing skills to a higher level and even take a nationally recognised award at one of our regular locally arranged medal tests. 

Booking a private lesson with Charles and Angela couldn't be easier, just pick up the phone and call us on 01209 714566 or email us at 

Don't forget that we need 24 hours notice of cancellation or the whole fee is payable.      

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