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International Dance Teachers Association

Line Dance Workout

It's fun, it's a fab way to get fit and stay energised!!



Thought Line Dancing was just for your granny?  This hot Line Dance class is for everyone who enjoys dancing, keeping fit and feeling energised! 

We use all kinds of great traditional and up to date music for this dance class.  Whatever your tastes, you will not be able to stop yourself joining in and moving to the FAB-U-LOUS rhythms of these easy to learn dance routines.  

This fitness enhancing Line Dance class is suitable for everyone even if you have never danced before.  Full instruction is provided so what is there to worry about?? 

So, how about having fun, dancing to great music and keeping fit at the same time?  If this sounds good to you come along to the Camborne Community Centre on Wednesdays 7.00 - 8.00pm. 

Come with your family, come with your friends or just come by yourself; the class is relaxed and friendly and for Line Dance Workout you don't need a dancing partner!   
Admission to this class is £5. 

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